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About Dr. Sandeep Kate

Dr. Sandeep Suryakant Kate started running in 2012, after a serendipitous encounter with an article about Comrades Ambassador Amit & Neepa Sheth in an old magazine. It inspired him to start his own running journey, which led to the conception of the Satara Hill Half Marathon, now a world renowned Running event - one of the best in the country.

In his professional life, he is a qualified surgeon of Proctology, and the owner of Suryaprabha Proctology Clinic and Research Center, Satara.

Dr. Sandeep Suryakant Kate

Initiatives & Associations

A 10-year journey is not too long, but Dr. Sandeep is proud that his dedication and efforts have been recognized and that he could have some fruitful collaborations along the way.

Founder of

Founder of

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According to Dr. Sandeep, his Marathon journey that spans over 10 years of his lifetime is just the start and there's a lot more to achieve.


Kilometers of running


Finished Marathons

The Timeline

The following is a chronological listing of all the races Dr. Kate has run and plans to run since his first Marathon Run in 2012.

(More updates coming soon)
Delhi Full Marathon (2020)

Achieved his personal best finish time for a Full Marathon at IDBI Delhi Full Marathon - February, 2020.

Ahmedabad Full Marathon (2019)

Participated in Adani Ahmedabad Full Marathon in Dec 2019.

Pune Half Marathon (2019)

Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon - Dec, 2019

Comrades Ultra Marathon (2019)

Comrades Ultra Marathon - June 2019. Won Robert Mtshali Medal.

Tata Mumbai Marathon (2019)

Tata Mumbai Full Marathon - 2019

Pune Half Marathon (2018)

Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon - December, 2018

Gold Coast Airport Marathon (2015)

Gold Coast Airport (FULL) Marathon, Australia - July 2015

Mumbai Full Marathon (2015)

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon - 2015

Gold Coast Airport Marathon (2015)

Gold Coast Airport (FULL) Marathon, Australia - July 2015

Zurich Full Marathon (2016)

In this Full Marathon in Zurich, Switzerland in April 2016, Dr. Sandeep Kate was pacing his friend for a sub-4-hour finish.

Mumbai Full Marathon (2014)

Standard Chartered Mumbai Full Marathon - 2014

Goa River Marathon (2013)

Goa River marathon 2013 Half Marathon.

Pune Half Marathon (2013)

Pune Running Beyond Myself - Half marathon in 2013.

Comrades Ultra Marathon (2013)

Finished Comrades Ultra Marathon - 2013 within 11: 31: 51. Won Vic Clapham Medal.

Mumbai Full Marathon (2013)

Finished Standard Chartered Mumbai Full Marathon -2013 in 3:58:50

Pune Half Marathon (2012)

Participated in Pune International Half Marathon in 2012.

1st Full Marathon

Dr. Sandeep ran his first-ever 'full marathon' at Hyderabad, The Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, on 17th August 2012

1st Half Marathon

Ran his first Marathon ever on 7th April 2012 at Corbett National Park.

म - 'मॅरेथॉन' चा

The First Book

म - 'मॅरेथॉन' चा (M for Marathon) is the first ever book in Marathi language on the topic of Marathoning & Running.

A Versatile Guide

The book covers both basic and more advanced concepts in an easy-to-understand language, making it a valuable read for new and seasoned marathon runners alike. It also contains a treasure trove of information for runners interested in becoming race organizers.

Supporting a Great Cause

From the sale of this book, all proceeds go to Deepastambh Foundation's 'Manobal' project, which offers free higher education to handicapped & orphaned students.

Living Deliberately

It is true that to live deliberately is to live with intention or to do something with a purpose. Something that brings you joy, or has a lasting impact, or both.

Marathoning & SHHM

Dr. Sandeep Kate started his Marathon journey in 2012. He went on to found one of the most popular Hill Half Marathons in the country.

Spintop & Soil Games

He believes traditional soil games should be preserved in this age of smartphones and virtual games.

Speaking and Reading

Dr. Kate is an avid reader and enthusiastic speaker. He's been part of some prominent talk shows and event stages.

Fitness & Calisthenics

Dr. Sandeep is well aware that health will eventually turn out to be his ultimate wealth. He's been doing calisthenics.

Comics and Cartoons

He's been collecting and been a fan of comic books since the age of 16. He has got about 800 comic books in his collection