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Soil Games

मातीतले खेळ

The Nostalgia

I grew up in the government quarters campus and had many different experiences there with my friends. When we had free time, we used to play bhavra, gotya, and patang. Now as an adult I miss those carefree days when the "play" was so much fun.

About Soil Games

This is an effort to bring beautiful memories back to life. It is a journey of travel and escape, reminiscing childhood memories.

If you ever yearn for those long-lost times of innocence, naughtiness & fun with your friends, you will understand and empathize.

Even if you don't, just spending some time exploring this section of my website might help you make connections between the past and present. Though I can’t guarantee it will happen, you never know what magic may be waiting for you on this trip. – it may just about change your life forever !!!

Dr. Sandeep Suryakant Kate

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Why This Initiative

Why Soil Games?

If you are nostalgic about those long-gone innocent and naughty days with your friends, Soil Games initiative will resonate with you.

Technology is building bridges between people on opposite sides of the globe, but it is also building ever stronger walls between neighbors.

It’s a fact that playing games that involve some form of contact with the earth/soil , or for that matter playing outdoors itself, is  becoming somewhat of a ‘threatened species’ of activity rapidly !!!

We intend to use this platform to bring together individuals, families, societies & communities to create the opportunities to revive, rejuvenate and strengthen these fun filled and culturally valuable activities.

To keep the child in us alive and – literally –  kicking !!!

Events & News Coverage

Here's events and news coverage for Soil Games.

We helped the local team from Baramati to organize the event, who came over to Satara to discuss the ideas necessary to implement the activity.

This is what we intend to do. Help organize more of such events in towns, villages, cities everywhere & we are very optimistic that this would eventually take on a life of its own and help to spearhead a counter-revolution of sorts to revive these long-forgotten games once again!

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